Looking for a magic pill to solve all your problems?

Want a magic pill for all your problems?

Well we are here to tell you why it doesn’t and can’t exist.

Let’s talk about supplements. To clarify we are talking specifically about encapsulated powders typically housed in a veggie/cellulose capsule. Before I started Black Bear Herbary I worked for one of the top ranking supplement companies, they sponsor Olympic athletes, NASCAR, and work closely with the Mayo Clinic so they are definitely a “reputable” company. Or so I thought. See the whole reason I even wanted that job was because I thought I was going to be helping people, making the supplements that changed someone's life or brought that athlete to a gold medal. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I was far far far away from the truth. After grinding away 10 hour shifts and lifting 100-400kg every day (no I’m not joking) you begin to realize what exactly the point of this entire process is, money. It’s not to actually help people, it’s to make a quick buck off something that should be held in high regard. Your health.
Your health is definitely the most important thing in your life because you only get one life to live so why not be the healthiest you can be right? I sure think so. That’s why we started Black Bear Herbary. We wanted to create something that tastes good, makes you feel good, and actually solves problems instead of continuing to bandage them. Let us shed some light on a few key points that separate BBH from ANY supplement company
Supplement companies
1. Use high temperature methods to blend and encapsulate your
supplements, some temperatures being so extreme that it would burn the
powder causing the encapsulation machines to bind up or “freeze”.
These high temperatures completely degrade/sterilize the actual
benefits you get from the source material.
2. Use a vegetable cellulose/hypromellose (HPMC) capsule that has been
proven to be made of micro plastics which inhibit digestion and limit
what you’re actually getting.
3. Use fillers to stretch out different products. Look for things like
microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, leucine, and magnesium
stearate. Magnesium Stearate being the worst of all of these as it
binds to whatever it’s mixed with and is then insoluble.
4. The actual sanitation of the environment is 50/50 at best. We found
some pretty gnarly stuff growing in some of the rooms and on some of the machines when they were moved.
All that being said, if you have a great experience with supplements and use them daily that is fantastic and I highly recommend doing what works best for you. But if you’re looking for something better stay
with me.
Black Bear Herbary
1. We use solar energy to infuse each tincture. Sunlight has been
extensively researched to provide a variety of information which can
be suspended in liquid. This also slowly opens the pores of the plant
material and gently extracts all the benefits.
2. We use organic alcohol to extract all plant benefits or use
powdered to get the most herbal benefits that we can possibly provide.
3. We use clean and certified organic ingredients only. That means we
have ZERO fillers and ZERO preservatives in our products.
4. Using the alchemical process, we are able to provide not only
physical support but emotional and spiritual support as well.
There is a reason we choose not to work with encapsulated supplements and we highly recommend (if you’re taking supplements) to really see what you’re taking and if you’re actually benefiting from what you’re taking or just putting a bandage on symptoms instead of finding the root cause. There is no magic pill, even when utilizing the benefits of plants. Alchemical herbalism/wellness is all about finding balance within the body and bringing it back to homeostasis, this takes time and effort on your part. We are happy to provide the knowledge and products to those looking to learn how to take control of their own health. The door is unlocked, it’s up to you to open it.
All in all, which business would you support? Let us know in the comments down below.
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