Alchemical Wellness through Plants & Planets

We are a cutting edge alchemical wellness company providing delicious herbal solutions for everyday life. No matter the problem we've got you covered.

You won't find any mushroom or CBD products here; we believe in the sustainability, potency, and support of herbal allies that have been used for centuries before. We believe in the thriving micro/macro-biological ecosystem that we are a part of to provide the highest quality and most potent medicinal herbs. That's why we are partnered with Pack River Farm in North Idaho.

Alchemical Wellness is an approach to life and health that considers all of the internal and external factors affecting a person. The interconnection of mind, body and spirit is essential for harmonious existence and living your life in a more rewarding and fulfilling way. We use alchemy and ancient methods to provide high quality Tinctures and Elixirs.

  • Alchemical Tinctures

    Alchemically crafted tinctures using organic herbs and traditional alchemy practices.  

  • Elixirs

    Our latte elixirs are all handcrafted and balanced for the best taste... 

  • On Sale

    These items are on sale while supplies last. Items may have old... 

    On Sale

    These items are on sale while supplies last. Items may have old... 

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  • Raquel Kaelin - Sandpoint Local

    "Hands down, the best tasting and most effective tincture I have ever had! The teas and Elixir Mixers are wonderfully balanced and delicious. The custom-made tincture blend helped rebalance my body and brought me back to holistic wellness! Thank you Black Bear Herbary!!"

  • Pamela Robinson - Robinsons Soft Brittle

    "Absolutely the most amazing tea I've ever had. I tried their "After Meal" and it stopped my rumbly tummy like he said it would. Then I tried several others and they each did what they claimed and tasted great. This is now my go-to tea! Derek was really knowledgeable and helpful directing me to their products that would help me the most."

  • The Farmers Stand - Whitefish, MT

    "Herbalists have long been interwoven into the fabric of human wellness, bringing forth the healing qualities of our earth's plants to share with their surrounding communities. Though the practitioners of plant medicine have become few and far between, the knowledge and commitment to the practice carries on and the folks behind Black Bear Herbary are doing just that."

  • Alana Joy - Sandpoint Local

    Pack River Water Review

    "I have been searching long and hard for an ethical and medicinal cacao morning beverage since I am not a coffee drinker and was relieved when I found this amazing elixir mixer. This has now become our families daily morning drink and we wake up excited to make it every morning. Its delicious on its own.."

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