Who we are currently partnered with

Pilgrims Market, CDA, ID – http://www.pilgrimsmarket.com/

Winter Ridge Natural Foods, Sandpoint, ID – https://www.winterridgefoods.com/

Tendril Apothecary, Sandpoint, ID – https://tendrilapothecary.com/

The Farmers Stand, Whitefish, MT - https://thefarmersstand.com/

The Kitchen Engine, Spokane, WA – https://thekitchenengine.com/

Super 1 Foods, Bonners Ferry, ID 

Super 1 Foods, Sandpoint, ID 

Super 1 Foods, Oldtown, ID 

Super 1 Foods, Athol, ID 

Super 1 Foods, Hayden, ID 

My Fresh Basket, Spokane, WA - https://www.myfreshspokane.com/

Black Bear Herbary is an Alchemical Wellness company. We hand craft each alchemical product with Intention in Sandpoint, Idaho, using as much local and organic herbs that we can.

Alchemical wellness harnesses the power of the five elements (air, Fire, water, earth, ether). The purpose of Alchemy is to transmute our dis-ease, physical or emotional, into something that will propel us forward in a healthy direction. Herbs can help guide us through this change and when we connect with our local herbs we have an opportunity to further cultivate this connection. 

Since our inception, we have been passionate about helping people move away from poorly manufactured supplements and quick-fixes/Band-Aids and into creating alchemical wellness solutions. 

We craft alchemical tinctures, loose leaf teas, infused oils, salves and elixirs with an emphasis on using responsibly wildcrafted and locally produced organic plants. We choose not to use medicinal mushrooms unless we are able to harvest these ourselves; this allows us to provide a more cost effective, beneficial, and potent plant medicine.

We value our partnerships with aligned businesses and enjoy offering our alchemical products to the community through our retail partners, restaurants, cafes, on our social media and our website.  

We partner with a local organic farm, Pack River Farm, who grows a majority of the plants we use. This allows us to provide high quality, organic products while also creating a sustainable, local food system. As we continue to grow our business, we desire to connect with other farms that grow to this standard and can provide niche medicinal plants to continue crafting the highest quality medicinals. 

Our partnership with the United Plant Savers and our creation of a Plant Sanctuary gives much-needed attention to native endangered plant species and provides a way for the community to learn how to protect and continue to enjoy these important plants. 

As we move into 2023 we will be offering more educational opportunities for members of the community to learn about plant identification, sustainable harvesting practices, and the life cycle of local plants through volunteer opportunities. We have YouTube videos, a podcast, and we will be offering future online/in-person courses to continue our desire to educate. Volunteers can contact us here or on social media.

Our goal is to make herbs accessible to people in everyday life. We envision people being able to access the healing power of herbs and local plants whether they are shopping at the grocery store, getting a latte, or enjoying a meal at their favorite local restaurant. We want there to be a way for people to enjoy and access herbs in everyday life with the help of community partnerships.