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Current Availability: Tuesdays and Thursday

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Raquel Kaelin

Holistic Nutrition, Wild Pregnancy/Free Birth, Herbal Nutrition

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Raquel's passion is to empower others to live their fullest life and enjoy their best health with a holistic lifestyle including plenty of nature, whole foods, thriving relationships and connection to plants. Raquel is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Whole Foods Chef who has worked on organic farms and in professional kitchens. She started teaching Culinary Nutrition and Whole Food cooking classes in 2013. Raquel attended a Traditional Midwifery school in Spain in 2020, which led her to dive deeper into Untamed Pregnancy and Birth. Raquel has found a great passion in supporting the business through her passions in a number of roles, while getting to share plant magic and self-healing with others. When she is not fulfilling her passions through her work, Raquel is enjoying the magic and beauty that Mother Earth has to offer. You can find her in the kitchen, on a mountain, in a forest or in a body of water enjoying the abundance of nature with her family. 

Raquel offers Holistic Nutrition Consultations, in-person and virtual cooking classes, as well as education and consultations in the wonderful world of Wild Pregnancy and Freebirth. To dive deeper into your relationship with food, plants, your chakras, your own birth story or your upcoming birth process, book a consultation with her now.

Derek Lock

Alchemical Wellness, Biofield Tuning, Life Guidance

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Derek is an Alchemical Herbalist, a student of Alchemy, biofield tuning, and owner of Black Bear Herbary. His devotion to working with the plants, providing education to the community, and empowering people to take back the power over their own health led him to start Black Bear Herbary. Through Black Bear Herbary he crafts high quality spagyric tinctures, blends delicious herbal teas, distills essential oils and hydrosols, and practices Biofield Tuning. When he’s not working directly with clients or spending time in his lab, you can find him on the mountain shredding fresh powder, fly fishing at an alpine lake, or relaxing with family and friends. 

Derek offers herbal consultations for those looking to increase their wellbeing through the power of plants, in-person and virtual biofield tuning sessions to help clear negative energy and alchemize it into life energy, and provides general life guidance.

Looking to alchemize your relationship?

Please send us an email at support@blackbearherbary.com to schedule a session with both Raquel & Derek for things like couples coaching, wild pregnancy/free birth, or a complete alchemical wellness consultation.

Alchemical Wellness Consultations are usually 1-4 week repeating meetings to go over herbal support, wellness, and nutrition.

After choosing your preferred practioner you will recieve an email to schedule a time that works for you along with more detailed forms to fill out.

All consultation sessions are one hour.

Please note that the practioner of your choosing may be booked up to 60 days in advance.