Why are people so obsessed with mushrooms?

Why don't we use mushrooms in our alchemical practice? In our opinion it's a very simple reason: mushrooms that aren't coming directly from nature (wildcraft) are inferior to those grown in an ecologically rich environment. Don't quote me, but I would say about 90% of mushroom supplements, drink powders, etc., are coming from lab-grown/cultivated mushrooms. These mushrooms are grown in sterile environments, which to some degree is fine and good, and we feel this makes those mushrooms inferior producing less medicinal properties and also taking away the ceremonial aspect of wildcrafted mushrooms.
Why is it that we can go frolic in the mountains in just about any season and collect several different varieties (and several pounds if we choose) of herbs that have survived for decades in harsh conditions which strengthen their medicinal properties? Yet when we hunt for mushrooms, we are lucky if we are able to find one section of reishi (maybe a couple pounds) and that's it. Or why does chaga take many years to burst through a tree and be ready for use. Yes, you can argue that hunting for mushrooms like morels (especially in North Idaho) you can come home with pounds and pounds but that furthers my point.
Mushrooms are evasive because we aren't meant to use them on the daily. In our interpretation of nature's sovereignty, fungi are meant to be stumbled upon and utilized for ceremony every once in awhile. That's why it's more difficult to find reishi, cordyceps, chaga, etc., rather than finding herbs like yarrow, dandelion, violet, nettle, and st. John's wort in plentiful abundance. Herbs are designed and here to be used on the daily; if you live in the woods or even have a more natural land space around your home, it allows us to walk out right out of our kitchens to collect medicinal herbs for teas, tinctures, or whatever delicious way we can prepare herbs.
But Derek, how do I remain immortal when I can't have my reishi every morning? Herbs my friend. We here at Black Bear Herbary create delicious and extremely beneficial drink powders called Elixir Mixers. These drinks highlight very powerful herbs to help bring your body back into alignment or homeostasis. We also craft alchemical tinctures or extractions that combine the mind, body, and soul of each plant to create a synergistic blend rather then isolating certain aspects of a plant. This is also why our tinctures and elixirs taste so great and no, that is not a joke. We work hard to make our products taste amazing so that you can actually enjoy taking them. I'm sitting here drinking a cup of Pack River Water, seriously, not because I'm looking for the medicinal benefits of the drink but because I genuinely enjoy drinking it and the benefits are just an extra bonus.
The morel (haha) of my story is simply to realize and accept that health is a journey, we cannot solve our problems with a specific supplement or tincture or even drink. True health is the culmination of strengthening our minds, bodies, and souls. You cannot have one without the other. A dis-eased mind will never have a balanced body.
Disclaimer: Black Bear Herbary products will probably not make you immortal, we do not intend to treat, prescribe, or cure and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Always consult your own power before taking any kind of supplement, tincture, or drink powder.
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