What does Black Bear stand for?

Our name has been the topic of many conversations with strangers and customers who already enjoy our products, but what does our name "Black Bear Herbary" actually stand for? It definitely doesn't stand for "that" kind of Herbary and to be honest we are really tired of hearing that. So to help educate and collaborate we are going to break it down for you right now!
      Let's start at the top, black bears are very spiritual and very powerful creatures. They are the divine protectors and a symbol of unwavering strength. Black Bears are associated with healing and medicine in many cultures, this being one of the main reason we choose the creature; they also represent leadership. Black Bear Herbary is a stepping stone to bring back to life the amazing power of medicinal herbs in their true raw form, we hope to continue to inspire others to do exactly (and we mean exactly) what we are doing, from crafting tincture through alchemy to collaborating with local apothecaries to truly embodying the mindset of collaboration over competition. Bringing the plants to the people through the leadership of the black bear.
      If you have tried our products, you have already realized (hopefully) that we infuse each bottle or elixir with pure intention and healing energy which translates to the flavor you experience and the benefits. Everything about our products has been intentional: we seal the strength of our blends with our logo in name and symbolism of the black bear, we protect and constantly infuse healing energy into each bottle and elixir with the seed of life (the sacred geometric image in the background of each label) and through each of these elements we embody strength, alchemy (transformation of the elements), and wellness.
      The last very important distinction that we have made with our name, is that we are an Herbary, not an apothecary. The definition of an Apothecary is "one who prepares and sells drugs or compounds for medicinal purposes", we do not agree or resonate with this term within the herbal community as it implies herbs can take place of pharma, that it's okay to isolate certain aspects of a plant, that we can just take a magic plant pill and make everything go away. The definition of an Herbary is "a garden of herbs or vegetables", we much prefer this definition as it implies (at least for us) that the herbs we are using are whole, grown locally (as much as possible), at a minimum produced organically, and that herbs are meant to be used in ADDITION to food not in supplementation of food.
       So why do we still choose to partner with apothecaries if the name doesn't resonate with us? Well the answer lies within the text you just read. We are more concerned with bringing the plants to the people, educating those who wish to learn, and elevating the collective than with what someone calls themselves. We are more interested in collaboration for the collective good then getting hung up on the definitions.
      So why did I write this? Because it's important to realize that we aren't just here to re-live our ancestors' lives over and over again. We are here to level everyone up, to lead through example, and embody the Guardian Black Bear that dwells within us all.
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Great read, thank you for clarifying.

Jeamette Lock

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